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Strawberry Season!!!!!!
I'm a little obsessed with local berries.  Nothing says summer like local fruit and last week was the first week that local strawberries were available in quantity.  When my friends over at Horseshoe Ranch posted to Instagram that they had a few extra flats to sell before the weekend I quick snatched one up!  I knew exactly what I was going to make with them, my favorite strawberry preservation recipe of all time, strawberries preserved in syrup.  The truth about this recipe is that it takes time. The berries need to be heated once, cooled, then stored overnight in the refrigerator, heated again, then canned, and that overnight rest in the refrigerator can't be skipped it's essential to the finished texture of the berries.  But I promise you it's worth the effort.  You end up with a finished product that is the essence of strawberries, and is extremely versatile, more so than a jar of jam.  I spoon this onto ice cream, between layers of cake, swi…

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