Garden Update

I feel like the theme from the garden this week is TALL.   This is a photo of my neighbors sunflowers taken from eye level looking up.  It really rather unbelievable to me that plants can grow so tall in one short season.  Mainly things have been pretty quiet up here, its been a bit drier this week and I was able to, with the help of Jacob and Moondog get some serious and much needed weeding accomplished.  We also added 20 gallons of compost from our home compost bed up to the garden.  My soil definitely is looking a bit depleted so I was really excited just to let a bunch of ground rest for a bit.  I'm trying to decide if I want to or should plant anything this fall.  We have huge kale and cabbage plants at the house, so it would be nice to tuck the beds in for the winter and enjoy not having to ride over, but I also really love watching the seasons from the top of the hill.  Last year we had a really late fall and long growing season so I'm curious to see how this season fairs.  To me, growing plants feels like I'm the student and the plants are the teachers, I tend them as best I can, but in the end I'm really just there to observe, and marvel in the magic.

The corn.  Notice how you can't see any of my neighbors sunflowers.  It's that tall.  I also get compliments on it!  Never thought I'd get such a thrill from a fellow gardener telling me "nice corn."

Garden shadow selfie!

Cosmos, so lovely....I'm hoping they re-seed themselves for next year.  Definitely planting more flowers again next year.  They bring me such joy!

My loves and weeding helpers Jacob and Moondog!  Moondog's request for next year is that we only plant carrots.

The un-sexy side of many weeds.  But it felt good to get everything tidy again.  Also I got to try out the new garden wheel barrel.  It's and excellent addition to our tool shed!


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