Garden Update

Greeting from what might be the last garden update of the year.  Over the weekend I went to the community garden and took stock of what was left.  I gathered a few small tomatoes, a surprising amount of green peppers both hot and sweet, but its definitely time to say goodbye for the season.  I'll put in a few rows of garlic and shallots, cut everything back to the ground, remove the coffee bags I use as weed suppressant, and lock the gate till next year.  I feel pretty confident that my pantry is pretty stocked for the year.  I still have a few more jars to fill, apple butter for sure, we eat it with Dutch babies and oatmeal all winter long, and I searched in vain at market today for some acceptable cucumbers to make a few more jars of pickles with.  Winter has taught me the valuable lesson, you can never have too many pickles.  For all my successes this year, I never did make ketchup. Oh well, something to aspire to.  

Since were on the subject of aspirations, I'm happy to say that this blog will be continuing onward!  It always seems like I lose interest after the growing season, but this year I plan on filling the space between the seasons with all my winter projects.  I've really enjoyed sharing and documenting my life and I've gotten really supportive feed back from all of my readers, and as I'm closing in on 2000 views from 27+ countries I'm hoping you'll continue on with me as I knit, sew, weave, and cook my way through this winter.  Other big news in October Jacob and I will be releasing his first short story under our own publishing company, speckpress!!!!!!!  With a hand printed cover by me!!!!  Which is also why it's been quiet around here, printing and assembling 200 books takes time.  I'm very excited to be announcing that our next project will be my first cookbook. I've been working on my first collection for a quarterly journal of seasonal recipes, I can't wait to share it with all of you. 

These watermelon have been the late bloomers of the garden, but suddenly our backyard is full of them.  I'm not 100% sure that they will ripen in time, but I'm thinking watermelon rind pickles?  Any thoughts or recipes would be greatly appreciated.  

It's been great sharing my passion for growing and making things with all of you, and I already have BIG plans for next year!


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