First Week CSA Share

Last fall I began subscribing to a CSA, and it changed my life.  I guess I should say that I changed my life, but the CSA really helped.  When you have pounds and pounds of produce in your fridge, it just begs to be eaten.  The CSA really forced me out of my comfort zone, I got the chance to try so many different vegetables that I never would have bought on my own.  This year because my garden is a little bigger, and I like to keep my relationships on good standing with the farmers who grow my food year round I only got the half share, but I was not disappointed.  MY box contained one box of baby bella mushrooms,   one bag of baby greens, a head of lettuce that I swapped out for a bag of watercress, parsley, scallions, a bunch of bok choi that makes me in awe that someone could grow something that spectacular, and collard greens which I had to sadly inform two ladies was not kale.  All of this has slowly been making it's way into my diet silently pushing me to eat more greens, because on Thursday I will have another full box to contend with. I really hope to make this a regular feature, along with tips and recipes for everyone else who is struggling with the kale again syndrome.


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