Garden Update

There seems to be a lot of anticipation happening at the garden.  And weeds, lots and lots, of weeds.   I'm beginning to see the first of the large tomatoes, the zucchini is still suffering from a type of wilt that's killing off the baby fruit (I've been cutting it back and hoping for the best), and lots of Japanese beetles have been crushed en-masse.  The big plan is to do a ton of weeding this week and officially turn over and prep the garlic and onion patch in anticipation of planting some winter crops.   So crazy that its getting to be that time of year already.  Temps for the past week have been in the 90's and with the humidly and lack of rain its been hard to think about winter.  

Last year I planted shockingly few flowers,  just some marigolds along the border.   I loved those flowers, and made it a point to try to plant some more flower seeds.  Even though I felt like these went in really late in the game, its been so nice to ride home a big fat bouquet bursting out of the top of my bike bag.  One of the best decisions I made this year.

Some of the haul.  The first real flush of pickling cukes, and just two squash this time, out of eight plants.  The wilt really gets me down.  I love that my Bern helmet sometimes serves as a tomato basket.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned that my trips to the community garden are all bike powered.  Somehow it just feels wrong to get in a car and drive to the organic garden, and I used to live more than a mile away when I began gardening, the commute has gotten much easier.   My thighs are grateful!

The corn is taller that I am.

I did not grow these blackberries, but they make me endlessly happy and I can eat an entire pint on my own.  Jacob and I are currently trying to sprout a few seeds in what we like to call our "test garden".  The "test garden" long container filled with compost that we try to sprout various random seeds in.  Mainly avocado pits rescued from the compost heap that have sprouted, but also random cuttings.  I'll keep you updated on the progress.

From the wildflower garden in the backyard.  I'm in love with its unstructured messiness.  Although I will say I spent part of the weekend enlarging it by a foot and a half to make room for the coreopsis and golden rod I bought on clearance.


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