Garden Update 2016

Somehow I managed to pack up my entire house, my studio, move it across town, and plant a garden.  That garden was left to get somewhat feral, and a good portion was planted crazy late, but somehow it all came together and suddenly THIS happened!!!  I've been anxiously awaiting the first summer squash!  I never knew I could herald the impending doom of being drowned alive in zucchini harvest, but here we go....This is what awaited me this morning on my trip to the community garden!!!  The harvest pictured above is beets (harvested from the home garden), fresh onions, garlic, fresh mint, and six count them six summer squash!  I've got more than a dozen teeny ones just hanging around waiting to get a little bit bigger.  I'm so glad I took the time to do this again this year....even though I cursed the time it ate out of my day, and the mud, so much mud this spring.  If your curious about community gardening in Lancaster city I garden here, but there are many other gardens in the city, go check one out!  

So whats going to happen to all those summer squash?  Tonight its pizza, with local spelt flour, tomatoes from last years garden, kale (from the bunch that I picked this week), fresh basil, and local gouda!


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