I feel like these two beauties deserve their own tiny post.  To say that I'm picky about my tomatoes is an understatement.  I avoid buying them at all cost during the off season, those mealy, tasteless, pink globes do nothing for me.  This year I went big, kind of accidently, but big none the less.  We were trying hard to use up all of our old seeds, so Jacob filled a seed tray with seeds and in May I transplanted 35 heirloom tomato seedlings, thats on top of the few plants I couldn't help but buy at Kens garden.  The community garden is hard on plants, it's downright unforgiving, no break from the wind, everything takes a beating, so much so that I've been re-thinking the idea of planting seedlings and sticking to sowing seeds directly instead.  Its worked wonders on my squash and cucumbers this year, and the few tomatoes I tried as an experiment this year look almost as good as the starts I purchased.  Wonders of wonders all those seedlings lived!  So here we are 50 tomato plants!  In a few short weeks I'll be going out of my mind trying to shove as many of these guys and their friends into as many glass jars a possible, but for now these two were the perfect way for me to end my day.


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