Finding time to create….For a long time I haven't really been able to spend much time making things.  For a long time I worked two jobs, both of which paid me too little money, but made lots of money for the people I worked for.  Everyday felt really hard.  This year I decided to change all that.  I took a job that allows me to take the time to be creative.  It's not perfect, I worry about my finances, but for the first time I've been able to peruse my creative endeavors.  I've wanted to weave forever.  In fact its what I wanted to go to school for, but because of the extra distance and money I went to a school that was closer to home, but didn't have a fibers program.  Two weeks ago Jacob and I built this tapestry loom, which allows me to weave 2'x3' panels.  I'm really proud of the work I've been able to do, and can't wait to show it to the world.  But in the meantime as I move slowly inch by inch, I baked this amazing cherry pie, and I've been perfecting my bread baking.


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