Solar Dyeing 101

Ok, first things first.  I live in rental apartment in a small city, which sometimes makes some projects seem impossible.   Dyeing fabric and yarn on a large scale is difficult for me to do, but I promise you, that this project requires no special equipment, and no damage that might make getting a security deposit back difficult!  My plot at the community garden has loads of marigolds, and this project was born!  So grab yourself some small bundles of yarn or roving, most of these are 10 ft or less,  these are all wool, but feel free to try other fibers!

Grab all the petals you can get your hands on!  You need a lot, a 1:1 at least, but the more the merrier!  

Pack the petals and fibers into heat proof jars with a lid.  Add one tablespoon of distilled vinegar, and top everything off with hot water.  Stir or shake vigorously.

Put in a sunny spot, this is my fire escape.(I like how it's made of wood.  Makes me feel extra safe!)  A sunny window would also work if you don't have access to the outside.  Check on your jars in 24 hours, it may take up to 48 hours for the yarn to begin to change color.  When your yarn has reached the desired color rinse the fiber in cold water and hang to dry.  *Note the color is going to be pretty subtle, but still beautiful!


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