Fresh Picks

I love when an object makes a political statement, simply by being made.  What first attracted me to this jacket was it's wool plaid lining, making it double warm, but what sealed the deal was the tiny label at the top that states its country of origin was W. Germany.  
These cowboy boots, are amazing, they fit my feet, which almost never happens in the vintage shoe world!
This book is packed with valuable information, handy illustrations of how to tie knots that could potentially save your drowning friends life, it satisfies my inner boy scout longing, and reminds me Moon Rise Kingdom.
These magazines have given me mountains of source material for drawings, when I was buying them the lady behind me asked if I was a Sunday School teacher.  I'm not sure what Sunday School teacher uses materials printed in 1955, I would like to think that Catholic church may have changed its message a little since then.  I didn't have the heart to tell her what her pictures of the beloved Virgin Mary, plus all the illustrations of crying, praying children would become.


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