Black Flowers

I have always been attracted to black flowers, they are so dark and mysterious, in a garden full of marigolds, geraniums, and daises they bring a nice contrast.  I like how serious they look, black flowers mean business.  Plant breeders for centuries have been struggling to make pure black and pure white species of flowers, and even when you go to the nurseries each new season they advertise a "new" black tulip, pansy, or petunia.  These are black hollyhocks, I've waited a full year for them to bloom, and so far they have not disappointed. I planted these unsure of whether they would even grow in my garden.  I don't get very much sun, and I don't have a lot of room, the first year I had lots of leaves, but no flowers.  This year I have lots of flower stalks, and because these plants are raised from heirloom seeds, I can save the seeds to give to friends, and also plant a few more plants in my garden.  If you would like some let me know, I'll be glad to share!  


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