Garden Update

It feels like this week I got my first big haul of produce.  As I type this there's a spot of sugar plum jam drying on my t-shirt.  I've been canning all day, which is great because I wrote some new recipes, but as the garden gets more productive it gets less photogenic.  Expect lots of individual produce shots and less plant photos from here on out.  Also this past week we got rain, lots of rain, and I feel bad complaining about rain when I know so many people would love to have some, and I really hate using the water community garden, but rain means mold and fungus, and things are definitely looking a bit rough.  With all the abundance comes loss.  My squash are all done for, squash vine borers got them and I ripped them out yesterday.  Cucumbers also look pretty sad.   Tomatoes are looking ok, some mold, lots of cracks from absorbing a lot of water over the past few days.  Some plants I cut whole clusters off of them to hopefully stop the mold from spreading.  Fingers crossed.

But then there are beauties like these!!!  Cherokee Purple, my favorite tomato, and this year they are cracked and scarred but this one plant has been my top producer so far this year!  I posted a photo of this tomato in its green state a few weeks ago!

The beginnings of harvesting for the day.  Notice lots of cracking on the tomatoes.  I've been harvesting peppers before they ripen fully, somethings been taking single nibbles out of them and leaving the rest to rot.

BABY WATERMELON!!!!!!  I under planted my corn and lima beans with watermelon and I'm beginning to see some little guys when I look hard enough.

The corn has been loving the rain.  And is now taller than my hands stretched above my head.

The two biggest ears.  Which are still pretty tiny and not even close to being ready to harvest.

Cosmos and corn.  The plants are almost as tall as I am.  The corn is in short rows behind.

What I took home.  The green plastic bag is holding more than a quart of cherry tomatoes from my over achieving sungold tomato plant!  


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