Looking Forward (Some Observations on Getting Older)

Today was my last working at a job that I have held for the past seven years.  Letting go has been really hard, not because this was a great job, but because I was afraid to make a change.  This job has stuck with me through some really challenging times in my life, and I was really sad to see it, and the people I work with leave my life.  I think I was so sad because I knew that once I left I would have no reason to go back.  When I walked out that door, not one person said thank you for all the hard work I had done, and I knew then I was learning a really valuable lesson, don't stay where you aren't appreciated, and don't love people who don't love you back.  Seems so common sense, but it took me seven years to learn, but now that I have learned that lesson some things are going to change around here, in fact some things in my life already have.  All I know is that when I walked out that door for the last time, I felt free, and lighter than what I have in years.  I'm not sure who this new woman is that I seem to be becoming, I think that the older I get the clearer my life becomes, I know what I am willing to stand up for, and let go of.  I think this year there will be a lot of letting go.


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